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Welcome to Handmade By Reta

Offering embroidery designs for sale.   I also offer customization of most designs that I create.  If you have an idea that you would like digitized please message.  Specialize in wedding hankie designs, Funny embroidery designs, memory verses and more.  

Some of you may know me from my Etsy shop.  My Esty shop had been up and running for several years.   I was a top seller.   I closed the shop this month ( Sept 2022 ) because of the outrageous fees they were charging me.  It got to the point where I was selling a lot of designs and not making a cent but still having to pay high fees to them.    

It is now time for me to step out and do this on my own.  I know it will take awhile to get back up and running. I am hoping that my old customers and new customers will be able to find me.    

Coming soon we will be offering SVG designs as well as a few other ideas I have been thinking about.  Please continue to check back as I will be adding more designs and a lot of new ideas.


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